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Published on May 13th, 2013 | by Navy SEALs


Navy SEALs Charity Scam Update

Finally, someone did their homework on Graham Ware. The CBS affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona (CBS 5 – KPHO TV) spoke to the parties involved and produced an excellent segment on the brandjacking scams that Ware has been using to make money off the backs of Navy SEALs.

Watch the video here.

Kudos to the KPHO news team. They saw what Anderson Cooper’s CNN team missed and didn’t just fold their tents and go home after hearing Ware’s bullshit excuses and rationalizations. This segment includes interviews with retired Navy SEAL Thomas Dzieran and Debbie Lee, mother of slain SEAL Marc Lee; both of whom have been victimized by Graham Ware.

The original article on Ware can be read here.

Things You Can Do

  1. If you or anyone you know has paid a donation to Graham Ware’s organization, please contact the Arizona Attorney General’s office at (602) 542-5763. The case number is 13-2301.
  2. If you’re outraged by Graham Ware’s scams, please contact the AZ Attorney General’s office and demand that they investigate and prosecute Ware.


I normally check to see what an organization does with the money.  Wen in doubt they do not get a dime.  HIgh salaries for some of the board is what really bothers me.   I do not know much about this case. But I sure see a lot of scams out there these days.


Yes, we are doing exactly that - contacting the AZ AG office.  We're looking for some concrete results this time.  Graham Ware needs to be stopped once and for all.

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