CORONADO, Calif, - SEAL Team 3, Task units Echo and Foxtrot conduct over the beach marine operations on san Clemente island Mar 28 2009.(U.S. Navy Photo By Mass Commnunication Specialist (AW) Bo J. Flannigan.)

Ask a Navy SEAL

Here are just a few of the questions our Team Room members are asking real Navy SEALs.

What was your preferred way for students to manipulate the bolt? Rip and grip the bolt handle or gripping the bolt handle and firing with middle finger or using only the thumb to drive bolt etc?

Is the attrition rate higher in Winter BUD/s or summer BUD/s? Do the instructors make up for the warmer water during summer by keeping the guys in longer? Rock passage has to be tougher given the winter swell…

I perforated my eardrum and I’m getting surgery soon (tympanopl­asty). The doc says it’ll likely heal fine and I’ll be able to SCUBA, but I’m still worried it could somehow disqualify me for BUD/S. Did you ever come across anyone with a similar situation during your time in the teams? Were they allowed to continue training/operations?

I’m putting together a Go Bag and an organized Everyday Carry Kit. Any Ideas and suggestions of what gear should i include and good but not to expensive brands?

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