As some of you know, SOFREP.com is the #1 site on the Internet for Special Operations News and Information. We have a great addition to the SOFREP community, and I’m excited to announce our strategic partnership with US Tactical, founded by former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine. The relationship brings NavySEALs.com under the SOFREP Media network.

“I have known Brandon Webb for many years, he is a top notch SEAL and business operator. I am excited to partner with Brandon and SOFREP to take our NavySEALs.com platform to a new level in the world of online media for military, special operations and foreign affairs matters”

-Mark Divine, CEO of US Tactical

“I’m excited about our partnership with Mark Divine’s organization. He’s been a great friend and mentor. Our community gains a huge advantage in that we now have direct access to US Tactical’s incredible network of fitness and mental toughness offers. SEALFIT, U.S. CrossFit, and the Unbeatable Mind Academy”

-Brandon Webb, President & Editor of SOFREP MEDIA

What makes NavySEALs.com special is that real US Navy SEAL Operators have always run it. SOFREP continues this tradition with daily content updates, enhanced photo gallery, and our “Ask a Navy SEAL” forum. These enhancements will create a great user experience, one that takes the site to the next level.

So sit back and enjoy the ride, and thanks for all your support.

-Brandon Webb, President & Editor of SOFREP MEDIA