NSW PT Guide

These reference documents are the most up to date documents needed for Navy SEAL Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S).

BUD/S Training Guides

PDF (525 KB) Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide (BUD/S NSW PT Guide)

PDF (6.5 MB) Naval Special Warfare Injury Prevention Guide (BUD/S NSW IP Guide)

PDF (3.7 MB) Special Operations Nutrition Guide (NAVSPECWARCOM Nutrition Guide)

BUD/S Reference Guides

PDF (98 KB) PST Instructions (Physical Screening Testing Standards and Procedures)

PDF (3.8 MB) MANMED 2012 (Section 15-105 Special Operations Duty)

PDF (680 KB) DD 2807-1 (Report of Medical History)

PDF (745 KB) DD 2808 (Report of Medical Examination)

PDF (742 KB) NAVPERS 1200-6 (U.S. Military Diving Medical Screening Questionaire)

PDF (402 KB) NAVPERS 1336-3 SRC (Special Request CHIT)