Chuck Pfarrer

Chuck, as an Ensign, went through BUD/S class 114, in 1981. After graduation he went to SEAL Team Four, where he did several tours focused on interdicting the narcotics trade in South America. As a Lieutenant in 1983, Chuck’s platoon was sent to Beirut to provide sniper support to the Marine Corps.  Operating in nearly continuous combat conditions for six months, he was there to witness the Marine Barracks demise in the terrorist attack that killed hundreds of US Marines that year.

Upon returning from Beirut, Chuck was assigned to Naval Special Warfare Development Group. One notable operation he participated in while at NSWDG was the tracking and capture of the noted terrorist Abu Abbas.

After eight years in the SEAL Teams Chuck left the Navy and began a new career as a screen writer. His work includes writing several full length motion pictures including “Navy SEALs,” “Darkman,” “Hard Target,” and “Red Planet.”