Richard Marcinko

Ass-kicking Navy SEAL and graduate-level business instructor Richard Marcinko, a.k.a. Dick Marcinko, a.k.a. Demo Dick, a.k.a Rogue Warrior, a.k.a. Shark Man of the Delta, is one of the toughest men ever to serve our country. His best selling Rogue Warrior series and other fine writings have solidified the Military literature genre and not only advanced its technical vocabulary, but has no less restructured the military memoir narrative as we know it.

Demo Dick is raw.  So is the truth – the truth about war.  “In Vietnam, I’d discovered who could kill and who couldn’t in combat.  But that was fifteen years ago, and less than half of SEAL Team Six had ever been in combat.  So there was only one way to find out who’d pull the trigger, and who’d freeze – which was to play this thing out and see who did his job and who didn’t.  War, after all, is not Nintendo.  War is not about technology or toys.  War is about killing…” he writes.  Dick Marcinko tells it how it is.


One of the United States’ most accomplished and recognized special operations experts.  Marcinko has over 30 years experience in a variety of specialties including counter-terrorism, intelligence and special operations.  Enlisting in U.S. Navy in 1958, Marcinko worked his way up to the rank of commander.  He is best known as the founder and first commanding officer of two of the military’s premier counter-terrorist units: SEAL Team 6 and RED CELL.

With a B.A. in International Relations from the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, California, and a M.A. in Political Science from Auburn University, Marcinko brings to the private sector the same skill, dedication and enthusiasm that earned him 34 citations and medals, including the Legion of Merit, the Silver Star and four Bronze Stars.  From operations in Vietnam to planning at the Pentagon, Marcinko has proven his expertise at all levels of special operations, intelligence and security.

While serving 2 tours in Vietnam, Marcinko won the Silver Star, four bronze stars with combat V, two Navy Commendation Medals, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star.   Marcinko’s SEAL platoon became such an enemy killing force, that the Viet Cong posted a reward of 50,000 piasters for his death.

Some of Marcinko’s accomplishments include over 5 best-selling novels and an autobiography, a critically acclaimed book on management and leadership techniques, professional lectures to law enforcement and business executives, and dynamic hands-on training for U.S. and foreign hostage rescue teams.  Mr. Marcinko acts as a corporate advisor to multi-national businesses including AT&T, Motorola and General Motors on such issues as corporate security, team-building, operational management and strategic planning.

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