How to Become a SWCC

Wondering how to become a SWCC? Take the 7 steps to start the “SWCC Challenge”

  1. Contact a Navy Recruiter in your area at and say “I want the join the SWCC Challenge program!” Understand the SWCC Challenge Requirements.
  2. Take the basic Navy medical physical, and aptitude tests (ASVAB) at a Military Entry Processing Station.
  3. The Navy Recruiting District for your area will contact a SWCC Mentor (former SEAL, SWCC, Diver, or EOD) who will determine if you are a good SWCC candidate.
  4. Sign a contract with the U.S. Navy to join its Delayed Entry Program to become a SWCC Challenge candidate.
  5. Your Mentor will physically and mentally prepare you while you finish your education and/or wait to go to Navy Recruit Training Command.
  6. Take the SWCC Physical Screening Test (PST) at least two times and meet minimum passing scores for the swim, pushups, sit ups, pull ups and run:
    • Take your 1st PST within 60 days of starting the Delayed Entry Program. (You must pass this to continue in the program.)
    • Take your 2nd PST within 14 days of leaving for Navy Boot Camp. (You must pass this to continue in the program at Boot Camp.)
  7. Go to Navy Recruit Training Command (Boot Camp) in Great Lakes, IL for a 12-week introduction to Navy Life. You will have three (3) official tries to pass the PST by the 6th week.
    • Take your 1st PST the first week at Boot Camp. (Do the 1.5 mile run part in running shoes and shorts in 11:00 min. or faster.)
    • Take your 2nd PST but do the 1.5 mile run part in boots and long pants in 11:30 min. or faster.
    • Take your 3rd PST by the 6th week if you have not already passed. (You must pass this time or you will be dropped from the SWCC Challenge program, released, and reclassified into another Navy career specialty.)

Congratulations! You’ve qualified to take the SWCC Challenge! You are about to start Basic Crewmember Training (BCT) in Coronado, CA. SWCC training is some of the toughest and most rewarding military training in the world. You will be tested to your limits and beyond. Do you have the passion, physical stamina, mental toughness, mature judgment and team ethic to become a Naval Special Warfare Boat Operator (SWCC)?

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