SEAL Fit Camp

Are you up for the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE?

Join us for a SEAL Fit Kokoro Camp and prepare to meet yourself for the first time…’s SEAL Fit Camps are the Gold standard for training warriors and athletes to be
leaders and victors. These skills are not learned in a textbook, success manual or
classroom. They must be experienced in the arena of hard physical training, hard “right”
choices, mental and emotional discipline, and humility.

The SEAL Fit camps are the crucible and laboratory for developing these time-honored warrior
qualities. In the camps, warriors from various walks of life, including the Navy SEALs, will
not only provide the “arena” to develop Kokoro ‚Äì indomitable spirit and fortitude – but will
teach you everything they know about the training, discipline, leadership, spirituality and
moral virtues of the warrior. We leave no stone unturned and hold nothing back.

This training, originally designed for Special Operations candidates, is now open to all
civilians, DOD and LEO who want to develop their warrior spirit.

seal fit virtual coach

Victory is Reserved for Those Willing to Pay the Price!

“I really can’t say enough good things about the camp or the instructors. Just being around
guys like these will make you a more motivated person. This is definitely something that will
stay with you while you go through BUD/S or whatever you choose to do in life.”

– Class 1 survivor

“I really feel like I’ve accomplished something big and I understand a lot more on what it
takes to be a leader and what it takes to be apart of a successful team”

– Jonathan Leff Class 3

“This course raises the bar on performance, opening doors within your inner self as you
propel through weakness, pain, self-doubt, and understand the concept of TEAM. If you know me
in real life, you know I’m a skeptic. The instructors of this class trained along a structure
I thought impossible.”

– Class 3 survivor

“All I have been sharing with friends and family is this amazing camp I attended. I can’t
think about anything else but this camp. You guys did an amazing job coordinating everything
involved in the camp.”

– Seamus Class 2

“When my friends and family ask me ‘how was it?’ I look at them with that thousand yard
stare and say ‘words can’t explain how amazing it was’. There are truly only fourteen people
who know what it took to make it, that’s my ten teammates who finished with me and the four
coaches who took us through it.”

– Class 4 survivor

“I have a silent inner pride from the experience now. The coaches are some amazing men, I
have never met anyone even close to their equal. I realized that honor and integrity are still
alive in this world and these men personify those qualities.

I recommend the experience to anyone searching for their true self. Once I heal up, get back
to my workouts and ratchet up the intensity.”

– Class 3 survivor