Workout of the Day

The SEAL FIT WOD is now posted daily at

SEAL Candidates please read this:

These workouts are designed for Special Operators and “Industrial Athletes” who depend upon their bodies for their jobs. They are specific to the job of the Navy SEAL – who need to be strong, have tremendous work capacity, endurance, stamina on top of having strong sports specific skills in running, swimming, rucking, shooting, climbing and operating from SEA, Air and Land.

Note if you are a SEAL Candidate then you should follow the BUD/s prep guidelines until you can meet the competitive standards on the PST. If you can meet the competitive standards on the PST, have a been coached on CrossFit methods, THEN please proceed with these workouts and have fun. Please join our Online Coaching program if you would like some one-on-one help.

Need help getting started? Don’t have a clue what the exercises are? Then please join our SEAL Fit Coaching program?

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