Weapons of the Navy SEALs

Weapons of the Navy SEALs

Navy SEALs use an extensive array of firearms of both U.S. and foreign manufacture, several of which have been specifically developed for them or U.S. SOF in general. SEALs have latitude, within designated parameters, in their selection of primary and secondary weapons. The highly-accurate and versatile FN SCAR ( Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) is the standard issue weapon for SEAL operators, while pistols are usually carried as backup weapons. Weapons choice is always mission-dependent and the SEALs have a wide array of firearms from which to select the precise ones. Following is a representative list of firearms that Navy SEALs currently use, within each class of weapon:



Type: Assault rifle (SCAR-L) Battle rifle (SCAR-H) Sniper rifle/Designated marksman rifle (SSR) Personal defense weapon (SCAR PDW)

Place of origin: Belgium (design) United States (manufacturer)

Service history In service: 2009–present

Production history: Manufacturer: FNH USA Produced 2004-present

SCAR-L (Mk 16 Mod 0)
SCAR-H (Mk 17 Mod 0)
SSR (Mk 20 Mod 0)


3.04 kg (6.7 lb) (SCAR-L Short)
3.29 kg (7.3 lb) (SCAR-L Standard)
3.49 kg (7.7 lb) (SCAR-L Long)
3.49 kg (7.7 lb) (SCAR-H Short)
3.58 kg (7.9 lb) (SCAR-H Standard)
3.72 kg (8.2 lb) (SCAR-H Long)
2.5 kg (5.5 lb) (SCAR PDW)[3]
4.85 kg (10.7 lb) (Mk 20 SSR)[4]

787 mm (31.0 in) stock extended, 533 mm (21.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-L CQC) [5]
889 mm (35.0 in) stock extended, 635 mm (25.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-L Standard)
990 mm (39 in) stock extended, 736 mm (29.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-L Long)
889 mm (35.0 in) stock extended, 635 mm (25.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-H CQC)
965 mm (38.0 in) stock extended, 711 mm (28.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-H Standard)
1,067 mm (42.0 in) stock extended, 813 mm (32.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-H Long)[6]
632 mm (24.9 in) stock extended, 521 mm (20.5 in) stock collapsed (SCAR PDW)[3]
1,080 mm (43 in) stock extended, 1,029 mm (40.5 in) stock collapsed (Mk 20 SSR)[4]

Barrel length:
254 mm (10.0 in) (SCAR-L Short)
355 mm (14.0 in) (SCAR-L Standard)
457 mm (18.0 in) (SCAR-L Long)
330 mm (13 in) (SCAR-H Short)
400 mm (16 in) (SCAR-H Standard)
500 mm (20 in) (SCAR-H Long)
171.45 mm (6.750 in) (SCAR PDW)[3]
508 mm (20.0 in) (Mk 20 SSR)[4]

Cartridge: 5.56×45mm NATO (SCAR-L), 7.62×51mm NATO[7] (SCAR-H)

Action: Gas-operated (short-stroke gas piston),[8] rotating bolt

Rate of fire: 625 rounds/min[9]

Muzzle velocity:
SCAR-L: 2,870 ft/s (870 m/s) (M855)
SCAR-L: 2,630 ft/s (800 m/s) (Mk 262)
SCAR-H: 2,342 ft/s (714 m/s) (M80)

Effective firing range:

SCAR-L: 300 m (330 yd) (Short), 500 m (550 yd) (Standard), 600 m (660 yd) (Long)
SCAR-H: 300 m (330 yd) (Short), 600 m (660 yd) (Standard), 800 m (870 yd) (Long)
Feed system: SCAR-L: STANAG box magazine, SCAR-H/SSR: 20-round box magazine

Sights: Iron sights or various optic

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