Notable SEALs

Its no surprise that after making it through the most rigorous military training in the world, Navy SEALs go on to accomplish feats that go beyond the norm. Amongst these over-achieving individuals are a few men who stand out as extraordinary and have become famous as a result. In this section we will take a look at legends such as Richard Marcinko, Rudy Boesch and Jesse Ventura; and will continue adding more accomplished former Navy SEALs as we grow.

Rudy Boesch
Albert M. Calland
Chris Cassidy
Dick Couch
Scott Helvenston
Harry Humphries
Joseph Robert Kerrey
Marcus Luttrell
Richard Marcinko
William McRaven
Michael P. Murphy
Michael A. Monsoor
Thomas R. Norris
Eric T. Olson
Chuck Pfarrer
William Shepherd
Michael E. Thornton
Jesse Ventura
Why isn’t Fred Rogers on this list?