SEAL Robotics in Review

Times, technology, and war have changed considerably since the Navy SEALs first came to be. Advancements in body armor, weapons, and medical technology are assisting operators on distant battlefields like never before.

Some of the most impressive technologies available to today’s special operators include the battlefield robotics. The Navy SEAL of today is able to bring to combat a wide assortment of robots; those that conduct reconnaissance from the air as well as smaller portable robots that can be thrown through a upstairs window and controlled by the operator to search a target before assaulting.

One of the most impressive units used by SEALs is the Throwbot, developed by Recon Robotics. Used around the world by operators, the Throwbot, not much bigger than a beer can, can instantly be deployed to capture imagery and audio. This robot is touch and highly maneuverable to give the operators a distinct advantage. For more information on this robot visit Recon Robotics.

Now all they need to do is make it self destruct with the push of a button.

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