Published on January 27th, 2013 | by Brandon Webb

Marcus Luttrell: On Being A Navy SEAL

Trivia fact: Did you know that Marcus’s book Lone Survivor was a project brought to him by the US Navy, and he initially resisted? True, not too many SEALs even realize this.


Best book I ever read. We live in THE BEST country in the world, Amen? I like how Marcus said he's not sorry about anything. That's rare in this world today. Someone who can look back on an experiance like that and say that. Now that's an Ethos.


Thought I'd share this video "The Greatest Men That Ever Lived (Operation Red Wing), I just got thru watching it minutes ago right before you posted..  It will choke you up...

RIP American Heroes....  God Bless Marcus Luttrell, may you find peace, good health and happiness...


Never forget the men who fight for their nation and for the cause of freedom!!!

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