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So you have made the decision that you would like to become a Navy SEAL.  You are training, mentally prepping, and are highly motivated, but have additional questions or would like to feel better prepared for when you arrive at BUD/S.  There are many resources available to new recruits as the U.S. Navy seeks to fill the ranks of their special operations forces.  One of these valuable resources are the SEAL mentors.  A Navy SEAL mentor will act as your guide as you get closer to signing up for your exciting career in the United States Navy.  They will answer all of your questions, as well as help you train for your physical screening test to enter BUD/S.  As a Navy SEAL, your mentor will be your first experience in working within the SEAL community.  Use this tool wisely; listen attentively and work hard in every aspect of your training.

A SEAL mentor is available throughout 26 areas within the United States.  You are able to make initial contact with them via phone or email.  Below I have listed the contact information and regions for your closest SEAL mentor.  Of course your mentor’s exact location will remain secret until you have been screened by the SEAL Scout Team.  Take the time to make contact with the SEAL Scout Team and let them know that you would like to work with a SEAL mentor.  No matter how prepared you feel you are, I would strongly advise taking advantage of all that a SEAL mentor has to offer.  The mentors are a wealth of information that can assist you in achieving your dream of becoming one of America’s elite; a Navy SEAL.

Contact the Navy SEAL Scout Team to get in touch with a SEAL Mentor near you.

Email: [email protected]

Tel:  888-876-7325  (888-USN-SEAL)

The SEAL Scout Team is available:  Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, except federal holidays.

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it's probably none of my business but I thought I would make you aware of a situation here in Arvada Colorado.

There is a man by the name of Clay Takara who is representing himself as a wounded Navy Seal. He has been speaking with kids and people at the Rotary.

Clay Takara was a member of the Army Reserve back around 1987 but that was it. Weekend duty and a 2 week visit to South Korea.

He is now telling people he was a Navy Seal, Green Beret, Army Ranger, and trainer at the Air Force Academy. It depends on the day - he has a different story.

He had surgery after a car accident back in 1991-92 and claims that he was shot in the neck during the gulf war and that he is a hero for surviving when the rest of his group was killed.

I can tell you that I have known him since 1988 and he has worked for Wendy's for over 25 years off and on and worked for Kinko's during the gulf war.

So why am I telling you this - because he is giving speeches and interviewing with kids who believe he is a hero. It's not right for all those who have died or been injured fighting for this country. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Maybe there is nothing you can do but I hope you look into it and call him out.

With respect,



seals.  I am so embarrassed by performance it is not even funny.  I am having a hard time even looking at flags without crying because this situation is a disgrace.  There is a terrorist cell in Canada- paid by the Canadian government to kill and "disable" it's own and our military (pork.txt).  All the evidence in the world, the Canadian government refuses, and I mean refuses to remove the filth.  Not one person can preach to me about Osama Bin Laden (return his f****** body parts "John") when Osama Bin Laden never committed the autrocities that these filth have.  We are asking that these people be assassinated- including Bangoura- 387 George Street S, Apt2, Peterborough, ON, he is UN protected- cannot go back to his home land of west aftrica guinea area as he was involved in an uprising, helped out of Africa by the royals and usa, then brought into Canada via a trudeau pass.  He does brag that terrorists don't like to be found so they come to Canada- and that his brother does bad things to people- and of his and his assoicates research facility infectious disease out of guinea area that recently made the news- EBOLA land.

Also on the list is Dennis Poole, CK "Chief" of Police- court documents, transcripts, emails, tapes, prove he facilitated terrorism, including the BP Algeria attack and Boston Bombing. The filth issued an Interpol request to hunt down Jewish kids after he refused to arrest for kiddy porn production and snuff- toddlers- some so young I could not tell the sex.  To filth Poole, he did not think there was anything wrong with this, and instead charges people with harassment for reporting it.

STEVE MANN- king pin cyborg and his stick it into anything friends.  His new world and harem of human machines that he can control as it makes him feel invincible.  Williams, M16 dead in a duffle bag made the mistake of complaining about Steve mann and friends new communication system and all the red tape and intentional judicial errors from Canada that is allowing this group of mass murderers to create a grand theft auto live video game.  There is no where in our Criminal code that states you cannot kill a machine, and steve mann brags he is now a cyborg machine, with his permanently affixed skull cap and mind control cyborg logging software.

Larry Yott- hands in BP Algeria laughing.  BP is his company's (duke energy/spectra energy) competition.

VICTOR VARMA,  Sivakumaran Devarajan- his track record in india spoke for itself, so Halifax/mackay  and friends pay to have him victimize our own as soon as he arrives in Canada.  one of the leaders of india even warned harper of the "extremists" who are all into their "extreme medical ideas" from India/connected to India, that have a free pass in CANADA.  Devarajan arrived with another Loser, Colin Patey.  Look up Devarajan and associates patent, or his paper where he electrocuted a 74 year old 15 times until seizure- for type 1 diabetes and because she was white, read his paper on Miss A, look at the medical notes I sent you and his handwriting that you cannot even read- woman, especially white and petite woman as they are perverts and filth and YOU LET THEM VICTIMIZE US- WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR LETTING THAT THING AND HIS FRIENDS VICTIMIZE US- NEVER- LOOK AT HIM- NEVER- NEVER- KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE TERRORIST.  ELECTROCUTE, TORTURE, RAPE, DO EVERYTHING TO HIM AND HIS OWN THAT HE AS DONE TO SO MANY OF US AND OUR OWN. 

as for a still missing boeing, I did not know that planes move- that is "delusional".  Message night before- "I leave tomorrow".  Very calm.  Too bad.  Don't worry, Canada is still paying the terrorist cell, their will be another accident.  next time, with the lithium battery issue addressed on the news- is the lithium battery part of the plane's engineering (like the 747 issue) or was there lithum batteries being carried as a business product on board.  CNN never gets the story right, because they don't want to, it increases viewship and feeds the fetish of the sick terrorist cell.  Just like Valerie of the FBI did when she stated Aaron was "delusional" then released the video of him shooting up the Navy Yard to feed the grand theft auto live video collection.  Notice for the fort hood shooting, fbi was not able to release any more video for steve mann and friends.  Poor things.  KILL THEM.  AND WE MEAN KILL THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT PAID AND PROTECTED TERRORIST CELL.


figure out the type of mentoring you need.

find out where you can find it. 

have them come to you if you cannot find it local.  I ALWAYS HAVE THAT PROBLEM.

collection time. a little dirty, but better late than never. 


So if I'm in Oklahoma I can get a SEAL mentor to come to me? Because there is no SEAL mentors in Oklahoma.


@GONAVYOKLAHOMA  Oh, but a special was looking out for Oklahoma on Victoria weekend of 2013, and during rush hour traffic right on following.  Call and inquire for yourself:

28 Fri May 17 08:57 CHATHAM ON PHILA PA 215-746-7211 1:00 0.00 0.50 0.50

29 '' 08:58 CHATHAM ON PHILA PA 215-746-7271 3:00 0.00 1.50 1.50

30 '' 09:03 CHATHAM ON PRINCETON NJ 609-258-3144 2:00 0.00 1.00 1.00

31 Sat May 18 06:30 CHATHAM ON ALEXANDRIA VA 703-545-6700 1:00 0.00 0.50 0.50

32 Mon May 20 07:48 CHATHAM ON CAMBRIDGE MA 617-253-7403 8:00 0.00 4.00 4.00

33 Tue May 21 09:11 CHATHAM ON WASHINGTON DC 202-282-8495 7:00 0.00 3.50 3.50

34 '' 09:23 CHATHAM ON WASHINGTON DC 202-282-8495 3:00 0.00 1.50 1.50

35 Thu May 23 12:46 CHATHAM ON PALO ALTO CA 650-723-6643 2:00 0.00 1.00 1.00

36 '' 12:48 CHATHAM ON PALO ALTO CA 650-723-6643 7:00 0.00 3.50 3.50

37 '' 19:37 CHATHAM ON BENNINGTON VT 802-440-4300 7:00 0.00 3.50 3.50

38 '' 20:18 CHATHAM ON BENNINGTON VT 802-440-4300 7:00 0.00 3.50 3.50

39 '' 20:24 CHATHAM ON BENNINGTON VT 802-440-4300 7:00 0.00 3.50 3.50

40 Fri May 24 06:35 CHATHAM ON WASHINGTON DC 202-456-1111 1:00 0.00 0.50 0.50

41 '' 06:39 CHATHAM ON ALEXANDRIA VA 703-545-6700 5:00 0.00 2.50 2.50

42 '' 06:51 CHATHAM ON ALEXANDRIA VA 703-545-6700 1:00 0.00 0.50 0.50

43 '' 06:52 CHATHAM ON ALEXANDRIA VA 703-545-6700 4:00 0.00 2.00 2.00

44 Sun May 26 13:49 CHATHAM ON ALIEF TX 281-983-2100 5:00 0.00 2.50 2.50

45 Mon May 27 15:55 CHATHAM ON WASHINGTON DC 202-887-9040 3:00 0.00 1.50 1.50

46 '' 15:58 CHATHAM ON NEW YORK NY 212-697-3315 2:00 0.00 1.00 1.00

47 Tue May 28 10:50 CHATHAM ON DALLAS TX 214-665-3183 1:00 0.00 0.50 0.50

48 '' 10:51 CHATHAM ON OKLA CITY OK 405-702-5100 8:00 0.00 4.00 4.00

49 Thu May 30 00:17 CHATHAM ON WASHINGTON DC 202-282-8495 9:00 0.00 4.50 4.50

50 '' 06:48 CHATHAM ON QUANTICO VA 703-632-1000 3:00 0.00 1.50 1.50

The call to Oklahoma speaks for itself. 

Too bad the seals were not willing to come to assist with removing a problem before their Washington navy yard was shot up and before fort hood saw the same fate.  So, in my case, if a TEAM of seals will not come and KILL an IT Lunatic problem (I am sure the Marines and a sniper would do better by now boys) and his friends when they are that obvious, sometimes you just have to call an issue an issue. 

I will bring it up with Martin since he deserves it right now.  Oklahoma has a history for terrorist issues- but seals usually do not get to protect domestic- maybe having more eyes would be a basic start to helping protect domestic assets- not just foreign like bondsteel (deserved for doing nothing boys). 

Again, figure out what training you need.  Not all about shooting a gun and passing a physical test.  Mental aptitude, skills in communications, movement training, etc- some need to go through training on how to think not just perform like a video war game call of duty or something (also deserved boys for consulting with the pork.txt video game producer and compromising uniforms/equipment information- IDIOTS).  That is all part of training and doing time in the trenches.  THINK.  Sometimes tests etc can be made available my weekend training trips, etc, or special events floating through town.  Call and inquire. Persistence helps. Too much persistence can compromise opportunities long term.  Likely you are young, protect your DNA, body scan, and personal info- limit pics online etc., makes it easier long term to have options.  Back to uniforms and idiots- I would have disciplined you WAY harder then they did - IDIOTS.  Mentor training.


this is copied and pasted from an email that may who should have known better but did not act honorably, have already received.  

Please read the messages below.  Between Secret Service Cleveland Cyber Crimes, US Homeland Security, New York State Counter Terrorism (document sent via email), RCMP, OPP, local sleaze squad (DENNIS POOLE IS GUILTY OF MASS MURDER AND TREASON), FBI, and the CIA, BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING 2013 WAS CERTAIN TO OCCUR BECAUSE NO ONE COULD READ- PORK.TXT.  YOU ALL HAVE THE CAPACITY TO KNOW BETTER, AND YET, VERY FEW HAVE DONE ANYTHING.  

Changing brainwaves to control people because it makes them feel "invincible" - PORK.TXT psychopaths.  Harassment vs discrimination "research" NSERC funded and commissioner approved is called crimes against humanity- the outcome, Washington Navy Yard shooting.  That GRAND THEFT AUTO LIVE, new communication system, sex game gone wrong (M16 dead in a duffle bag) is the product of a MAD MAN- a LUNATIC.  Supporting the lunatic, directly or indirectly, is no different than being part of his madness.  Send an electrical current to his permanently affixed skull cap.  Inevitable.
Boston 2013- Notice how the female cop left her station post on the inside track- and turned her back on the area she was suppose to be watching- likely to chat about her blue eye shadow or something and to not be in the way of the PHOTOGRAPHER who was down on his knee, a safe distance away, PERFECTLY ALIGNED WITH THE BOMB, snapping his little camera as the BOMB blew-up. Notice the scrubbed pictures.  JUST LIKE 911, USA likes to REPEAT HISTORY. Congratulations to you. 
ED MARKEY- SENATOR- Feel free to request a subpoena for the call from myself to the US homeland security on SUNDAY, APRIL 14/2013; or the OPP on Monday (liberty day usa), April 15/2013, or the document to NY STATE Counter-terrorism sent over that weekend, or the Secret Service (all dates and times are listed in my phone records).  USA is so cheap they will not even reimburse for my phone charges.  Pathetic.  Also, during the GULF of MEXICO SPILL, feel free to subpoena my internet activity- mystery here was able to help by downloading the video posted on ED MARKEY's website.  A few more hundred dollars, and my time my dime- NOT ONE THANKS IN RETURN. 
PS- I was right about New York falling 2000-2001.  I was right about the IRAQ war.  I was right about Liberty 2013.  I was right about touch-down Sandy. I was right about Oklahoma tornadoes 2013, and Prescott (as Joe Biden to listen to the phone call I made to YOUR GOVERNMENT military, police and FOREST FIRE EQUIPMENT PROVIDER right before 19 heroes died.  I called Washington Navy Yard the day of the Fort Hood "accident"- before Fort Hood made the news, and left a very clear and specific message for Martin Dempsey.  I was right about that too, then Martin released a statement.  Just a few examples of what I HAVE DONE FOR YOUR NATION.  ONLY TO BE SPIT ON AND TREATED LIKE JUNK- PUN INTENDED SUTTLES. YOUR NATION HAS WASTED MY TIME.  I NOW HAVE NOTHING- AND I MEAN NOTHING- BECAUSE I HELPED YOUR NATION.  EVEN TOOK MY CAT- that meant more to me than most people's kids mean to them.  WAY TO BE PROUD RED, WHITE AND BLUE.


Hey Michael I live in NY and I'm fifteen. I'm training to be a SEAL but I need help. Is there an age limit to having a SEAL mentor? How long does one have a SEAL mentor, until he joins the Navy? Thanks.