Missing Navy SEAL Hawaii

A Navy SEAL went missing in Hawaii last Tuesday while training off of Oahu’s Kaena Point.  The Navy SEAL was lost after being separated from his group while swimming in the open ocean.  Kaena Point can have some very dangerous and unpredictable water conditions.  This, coupled with low light or night conditions, could have made the exercise extremely hazardous.  The Coast Guard, Honolulu life guards, firefighters, and U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel have searched for the missing sailor non-stop for nearly a week.  The day the SEAL went missing, U.S. Naval ships in the area immediately left their own exercises to join in the search.  After covering over 24,000 square miles utlizing aircraft, cutters, and small boats, the Coast Guard announced today that they have called off the search, detecting no signs of the missing SEAL.  I’m told the missing SEAL’s teammates are refusing to stop searching for their brother; they state they will not leave without him.  The SEAL’s name has not been released by either the Coast Guard or the U.S. Navy.  Let’s all keep this Navy SEAL, his family, his teammates, and his friends in our thoughts and prayers.

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