Chris Kyle Bronzed

Fallen Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is set to have a bronze statue made to honor this brave warrior forever.  The bronze statue will be given to the family of Chris, who will select the ideal location for its home.  Check out this video and see once again the amazing response to support and honor Chris Kyle and his family.  Texas…you are truly an amazing place.

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Chris Kyle was an amazing humble individual who deserved all the great things that happened in his life. He was a SEAL, father, husband and patriot. I wish I could've met him. It's guys like him that make others want to do better for themselves. Even though he was a awesome trained instrument he still kept is feet on the ground. My condolences go out to his family and all that knew him. Everyone who did know him consider yourself blessed b/c you got to experience what greatness and humility look like in a person.

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Another big lump in my throat.



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Thanks to all of today's Freedom Fighters". You will never be forgotten by this patriot! God bless RIP Chief Kyle.

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Great and fitting tribute.