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I wanted to showcase my favorite charity, The Navy SEAL Foundation. Few charities donate over 90% of monies raised to their cause and the Foundation is in this elite category.

I encourage you to give if possible.



The Navy SEAL Foundation’s mission is to provide immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families.

Navy SEAL Foundation’s Three Core Areas of Support

Members of the Naval Special Warfare community, their spouses and their children make many sacrifices, both large and small, in service to our country. Our objective is to provide support and promote peace of mind to those who live with a high level of unknown factors as a matter of routine.

Family Services Show Compassion and Build Morale

We support families by easing their burden when an active-duty member of the NSW community is injured or killed in action. We help with memorial services and defray the financial costs for travel for immediate family members who live far away. We also assist families in maintaining a sense of normalcy during deployments by funding holiday celebrations, children’s sports days and campouts, and partnering with YMCAs to offer fitness memberships and childcare services.

Educational Programs Encourage Life-long Learning

Active-duty NSW personnel, their spouses and their children benefit from scholarship programs and other educational assistance provided by the Navy SEAL Foundation. In cases where the Navy provides only tuition funds, we step up to help cover the cost of educational expenses such as books and lab fees. Our program for children of NSW operators killed in training or combat provides new computers every three years through the completion of their secondary education.

Legacy Activities Ensure That Service is Always Honored

The Navy SEAL Foundation is strongly committed to making sure that the extraordinary contributions made in defense of our freedoms by members of the NSW community are remembered. We provide funding for monuments and memorials to fallen operators across the country.

Fallen Heroes

“See you on the other side Gents…..”

Support The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum


Today’s Naval Special Warfare operators can trace their origins to the Scouts and Raiders, Naval Combat Demolition Units, Office of Strategic Services Operational Swimmers, Underwater Demolition Teams, and Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons of World War II. While none of those early organizations have survived to present, their pioneering efforts in unconventional warfare are mirrored in the missions and professionalism of the present Naval Special Warfare warriors. Visit here!

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