Navy SEAL Named to “Time 100″ List

Former Navy SEAL, Eric Greitens was just named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2013.


Greitens accomplishments include the Bronze Star and Purple Heart among his military decorations.  He also has degrees from Duke and Oxford universities; did volunteer humanitarian relief in Rwanda, Cambodia, and Bosnia; holds a black belt; and has written three books including “The Warrior’s Heart“, which Greitens choose to write to inspire young readers, asking them to consider the power of choices, of making the decision each and every day to act with courage and compassion so that they grow to be tomorrow’s heroes.

“Eric Greitens, one of the most remarkable young men I have ever encountered, founded and runs The Mission Continues, which supports veterans and their families,” retired Admiral and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen wrote for the magazine.

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This news absolutely thrills me.  Finally a worthy addition to the list who will be brought to the attention of the world furthering his mission.  More books to add to my own list!

sahaldelta 1 Like

His book was absolutely amazing. I loved the humanitarian aspect he brought in his account. A true American hero and an inspiration.

Julesy 3 Like

Awesome. Read "The Heart and the Fist" last year and loved it.


PS: What team was he on? His book never mentions it. I think he has cameos in The Finishing School by Couch.