Families of Fallen SEALs Fault U.S. Government

The families of the fallen SEALs killed when their Chinook helicopter was shot down in August 2011 in Afghanistan fault the Obama administration for the tragedy.  Family members and former military personnel stated that Navy SEALs have become highly desirable targets after President Obama announced that it was the Navy SEALs who killed Bin Laden.

Doug Hamburger, whose son Patrick was killed, called the incident an “ambush” that could have been prevented.

Many military experts at the time, including some of Obama’s top military advisers, had questioned the White House’s public praise of SEAL Team 6 and said it put members in danger.

Asked for comment, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. James Gregory said: “We share in the grief of all of the families who lost their loved ones.”  While not commenting directly on the allegations, he called those who were lost “warriors” who represented “the diversity and talent of America and its military.”

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