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As a Navy SEAL Sniper,  I have spent many days and nights on the range putting thousands or rounds downrange to master the art of sniping.  Long-range shooting is of course a very complex process that requires a strong weapon system combined with an experienced shooter to make a shot; first time, every time.  Of course a solid spotter is also very important.  I recently heard of a unique weapon system that would redefine long range shooting.

The Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) developed by TrackingPoint is one of the most unique shooting systems I have seen in awhile.  Called the Xact System™, it solves multiple problems that long-range shooters face. The XactSystem ensures repeatable performance and accuracy even at extended ranges.


For those of you that cannot live without your iPhone, the PGF also offers applications for smart devices.  These apps interact with embedded wifi servers to share real-time or recorded images.

Long-range shots have historically been challenging for even seasoned shooters.  That is because shot accuracy is diminished by multiple variables: wind speed and direction, curvature of the earth, recoil, and human error caused by range miscalculation and trigger pull.

For the same reasons, speed and first-shot accuracy have also been difficult for shooters attempting consecutive shots at multiple unknown distances.

The PGF puts fighter-jet-style, lock-and-launch technology into a rifle system.  Using the PGF, you can be an elite, long-range marksman in minutes. You can also more quickly and effectively take multiple shots at varying ranges.

The system virtually eliminates shooter error in…

  • Aim
  • Trigger pull
  • Environmental inputs
  • Range miscalculation

It delivers 5 times the first-shot success rate of traditional systems, at targets up to 1,200 yards, regardless of shooter skill level.

Shots in less-supported positions—like kneeling, barrier-supported, and sitting—are also possible using the PGF.

With the XactSystem, shooters can tag, track, and exactly hit an aim point. Using a shot process called Tag Track Xact (TTX), the PGF automatically adjusts for many factors, including:

  • Range
  • Temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Spin drift
  • Wind input
  • Cant
  • Inclination


To operate the PGF, the shooter…

  1. Paints the target with the tag to lock on
  2. Watches as the tag persists, regardless of relative movement
  3. Aligns the reticle with the tag to produce the firing solution
  4. Squeezes and holds the trigger to arm the system

When the reticle and tag are optimally aligned, the Networked Tracking Scope releases the guided trigger. As long as you can tag it, you can hit it.

I personally would love to get one of these and head to the range and put some rounds downrange.

Check out more on this very unique weapon system; TrackingPoint.

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