SEALFIT – Rules Of Engagement For The Sheepdog

It is time that we, the able citizens of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind, deputize ourselves as Sheepdogs and step up to be part of the solution to the growing despondency toward awareness in our society – especially as it pertains to how mobile devices have stolen our brains. Stop being a Sheep with heads stuck in the i-phone – know that the wolves are circling the pack. We must step up to be Sheepdogs to restore order. This is your personal call to action.

In order to be a Sheepdog, one must be present and commit to a persistent state of elevated awareness. Presence and awareness have so many benefits for performance and peace of mind…but are also essential for protecting self and others from random or planned acts of violence. So lets step up our game together. Here are your marching orders!

Here are The Rules of Engagement for a Sheepdog:

Stop being passive. Commit to being a Sheepdog and making a difference. Pull your head out of the sand and pay attention to what is going on around you.

Activate your internal radar. We all have internal radars that can sense danger but most people have it switched off. Army Colonel Cooper’s color system is helpful to learn this:

1.Complete ignorance is white. Your internal radar is off; you are in the flock of Sheep.
2.Passive alertness is yellow. This is where you internal radar is switched on and passively scanning for threats.
3.Super heightened awareness is orange. This is when your radar pings a threat and goes active, searching for information as to the threat level, potential action plans, resources, escape routes, weapons, etc. You are escalating your energy systems getting ready for a fight.
4.Action to counter is red. Your radar is red-lining. This is when you tackle the jerk waving the gun before he pulls the trigger.

Initiate Sheepdog smartphone tactics. As a Sheepdog you can keep your smartphone (to conduct business, text for help, etc). However learn to use it in a Sheepdog manner. Here are the guidelines:

1.Always operate in yellow when in public.
2.Never be on the smartphone while walking, driving (duh) or in conversation with another human being.
3.When on public transit scan the environment and sit near the back with a good view of the entire scene. Keep your smartphone off until you are certain there is no threat. Each time the bus/train/whatever comes to a stop to pick up a passenger, you turn it off and repeat the process.
4.In a restaurant or other open public space, enter by scanning the surrounding area outside and inside for any potential threats. If you detect any potential threat, then tune your radar to actively (but discreetly) scan in that direction. Sit with a good view of the establishment and enjoy your meal or experience. Only check your smartphone in the bathroom, or, if you must then request permission from your guests. Make another scan before using and then text away for a few moments.

Now please don’t become a paranoid nut. These are recommendations – as stated I am not recruiting a vigilante force. My purpose is to prod you to step it up and be part of the solution. As we work on becoming better people every day let’s also step up to become Sheepdogs. That way we can protect the less aware, weaker elements of our wonderful society from the wolves.

If you are with me give me a big HOOYAH!

Mark Divine

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