Throughout the years I spent in the teams, I have been to many funerals of fallen brothers.  Each funeral is difficult.  Each man, while understanding the risks associated with the job, died too young.  What was always hardest for me was watching the wives and children left behind.  Just as the new widow stood honoring her lost partner, I would then notice the young children standing  quietly, eyes gazing upon the scene, watching their grieving mother, and the pictures of their father.  Did they fully understand what had happened?  Will they grow up to  realize what their fathers sacrificed for them, for us, for the United States?  The families, the wives, the many sons and daughters left behind, hurts me the most.

The children of our fallen NAVY SEALs are our kids, too.  We understand their sacrifices in waiting for their dads to come home from distant lands.  Many of us know firsthand what that feels like.  We also know how comforting it can be to have the support of a community and nation behind us.

We know that we are all one community, and that we support each other in good times and bad.  This includes supporting the children of our fallen Navy SEALs.  We all want these special children to remember the heroes that their fathers were, and to know the love of an entire country who mourns the loss of these great men.

The SEAL Kids site was set up to provide two opportunities:  for those who wish to send their condolences to these kids who have lost their dads, and to say “thank you” to the children who have lost their fathers. One way to contribute is to donate to the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization set up specifically to assist families of fallen Navy SEALs

Another way to help is to fill out a Thank You and Condolence card to these children.  It will be sent to the Navy SEAL Foundation for them to distribute to these kids.

Please take a moment to write to these children who have lost their greatest heroes, and learn more about what you can do to support a great organization that promotes a very special cause.


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