Think Like A Navy SEAL

In a recent article posted by USA Today, retired Navy SEAL and co-author of The Way of the SEAL: Think Like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed, Mark Divine, gave advice on how to think like a Navy SEAL and use this thinking to set and meet goals in your own life.

“Many SEALs are average guys, but they learn an unusual level of discipline and a different way of thinking, looking at the world and achieving their goals,” says Mark Divine.

Divine offered these tips:

Hone in. “Narrow your focus to one major thing, define it well, then focus with intensity until you make it happen. Ask yourself, ‘Do tasks I have planned get me closer to achieving that mission?'”

Use imagery. Picture yourself succeeding. “Paint a very clear picture of your goal, what it looks like … and the skills you need to achieve it. Watch it like a motion picture in your mind.”

Small tasks add up. “When you set short-term goals, the feedback loop is very rapid,” Divine says. “Make tiny goals, so you build momentum and confidence. This sets yourself on an upward spiral of success.”

Story courtesy of USA Today.


"Many Seals are average guys...." Inside this community, but I'm on the outside looking at what I think are very special people. In my own life, it has never really been physical toughness, (I have watched a brief moment of Seal training on Youtube and I never have had what it takes physically.)  I survived 3 yrs. 9 mos. and 17 days, literally living in the street, in the getto until I got off the street. My military experience taught me how to survive. You adapt, you overcome, you make it work. I am not talking about me when I say that I think what makes you so very special and unique is what is inside of you. Mental toughness? A will that chooses that no matter what? Something inside that drives you to excellence? And I believe there is a profound and deep bond between you that can never be expressed with mere words. "Average guys...." Is it a humility?  Forgive my ignorance. The one thing this 60 year old fart has learned in my life, part of it is what you think, positive mental attitude, a sheer determination never to give up no matter what. You push yourself, you reach deep down inside and come up with more. But more than that, it's team work and even more than that, a special brotherhood that words can never express. That is what I see, as an outsider, looking at you. This is one American citizen who says thank you with all of my heart and soul. So very grateful and thankful for your service to our great country. 

It is my custom, in meetings, when I am asked to give a closing prayer that I ask for a moment of silence, a moment of prayer for those who, right this moment, are in combat ops. I pray for their lives and I pray that they come home safe and sound. 

And this old man renders his sharpest salute to you men.

                             Steve Kutra, a former hospital corpsman


I was privileged to serve our great country in the United States Navy as a hospital corpsman. I just want to say that I am so very proud of you men.


His book has been very helpful.