2014 Ryan Job Navy SEAL Challenge

The 2014 Ryan Job Navy SEAL Challenge ends on Ryan’s birthday, 3-11-14.  Groups of athletes, SEAL Teams, the USMC, CrossFit, police, fire, supporters, and Ryan’s friends from around the globe will donate $10, $20, $100 or other amounts to perform the same training session that Ryan did to prepare for his summit climb of Mt. Rainier.  You can honor our friend and Navy SEAL, Ryan Job and help the organization that he championed by doing the Ryan Job Navy SEAL Challege and making a donation to Camp Patriot below.

The stories of individual sacrifice are seldom ever told, here is one of them;

“Ryan was a courageous warrior who constantly risked his own life to fight and protect teammates”. 

-Lt. Cmdr. Leif Babin of SEAL Team 3.

Ryan survived more than 20 firefights in Iraq.  Ryan was covering a crew of about 25 SEALs when a sniper’s bullet struck him in the face.

“When I got there, it was such a catastrophic wound,” Babin said. “His whole right eye was gone.

Ryan kept his composure, sat himself up and tried to comfort his teammates, telling them he would be OK. Ryan survived and overcame his wounds and blindness to climb Mt. Rainier with Camp Patriot in 2008, in October of the same year he successfully hunted a trophy Elk.   On Sept. 24, 2009 we lost Ryan.   He died as a result of a hospital error after an operation to repair his eye.

Ryan was a highly decorated Navy SEAL, a hunter, a mountaineer, a husband and a father to a daughter that he never had a chance to meet.  Ryan was a great friend and inspiration to us all.  Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was Ryan’s teammate and wrote The New York Times Best Seller, American Sniper, in Ryan’s honor. More about Ryan CLICK HERE.

You can honor Ryan now by training hard and leaving it all on the deck!

Ryan’s favorite training session was below, he did it 3x a week to prepare for his Camp Patriot Mt. Rainier summit:


20 Burpee’s x 3 rounds (60 total)
15 Pull up’s x 3 rounds (45)
60 Single Count Alternating Leg, Lunge Jumps x 3 rounds (180)
25 push up’s x 3 rounds (75 total reps)
1,000 m row or 1,000 m run x 3 rounds (3,000 meters total)
NONSTOP – For Time

PS. It’s hard

Would you?;

1. Purchase a shirt: https://www.booster.com/2014ryanjob

2. Join our Team, because its more fun to suffer as a group (or create your own team)!

3. (OPTIONAL) Contribute $5, $10, $20 or some other amount per person/per training session to compelete  “The Ryan Job” above or ask others to support you

3. All the funds donated in Ryan’s name will benefit Camp Patriot.

Thank you,

All of us at Camp Patriot

w. www.camppatiot.org

e. [email protected]

p. 480-201-4036

Donate or learn more at:

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