Former Navy SEAL Shot Chases Bad Guys

Former Navy SEAL Christopher Heben, 44, was shot in the stomach outside a Bath Township, Ohio store after a confrontation in the parking lot.

Heben was on his way to the store when a car backed out and nearly hit him according to Bath Township Chief of Police Michael McNeely.  Heben and the occupants yelled back and forth before Heben entered the store.  Upon exiting, the car pulled up to Heben and fired a single shot hitting the former Navy SEAL in the abdomen.

Chris gave chase to the suspects while holding pressure to his wound.  Unfortunately, he lost sight of the vehicle as it entered highway 77.  The suspect vehicle is described as a sporty gray sedan with a performance muffler, blacked out tires, and tinted windows with an Ohio plate.

Heben then drove himself to a local fire station where he was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery.  Heben is currently recovering and has been posting updates of his status through his Facebook account.  “Just wanted to say a quick and heart felt THANK YOU, to everyone for all the prayers and well wishes. I’m feeling a bit better today,” stated Heben.


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